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  Phone Fax Email
Carmichael 916.486.1209 916.313.0811 team@Preferealty.Com
South Sacramento 916.670.8926 916.313.0811 team@Preferealty.Com
Central Valley TBD 209.554.0473 team@Preferealty.Com
San Jose Bay Area 408.849.2789 408.608.1722 team@Preferealty.Com
Washington State 206.450.1297 206.260.7272 WAsales@Preferealty.Com


California - Sacramento
Nancy Duyen Duong, MBA/Broker
5524 Assembly Court, Suite 41
Sacramento, CA 95823

8516 Hermitage Way
Sacramento, CA 95823

California - San Jose
Tim Than, Agent/Manager
621 Tully Road, Suite A206
San Jose, CA 95111

Washington Operation
725 S Donovan Street
Seattle, WA 98108