Preferealty.Com also known as EbayofRealty.Com,, E-CommerceRealty.Com,,, and are trademarks of, provides home sellers and buyers with an innovative real estate solution for California. By using the efficiencies of the Internet and virtual real estate broker technology, we have streamlined the real estate process and are able to pass significant savings on to you, our clients. When you choose our virtual broker together with support from our licensed real estate salesperons ("PreferAgents"), our service is guaranteed and will save you thousands without compromising on quality and service.

Mission Statement
To create an enjoyable, convenient, and affordable home buying and selling experience by providing the latest in state-of-the-art Internet and automated solutions combining and enabling both tradition full service real estate broker together with virtual broker technology. We process online real estate transactions
all with excellent and friendly service 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Our Services
Our neighborhood PreferAgents have years of experience in the areas they serve and are active members of their local and state real estate and MLS associations. In addition, our website provides a step-by-step approach to guide our clients through the home selling and buying processes. We use artificial intelligence and automation to provide B2C (Broker to Client), B2G (Broker to Government), B2B (Broker to Broker), and C2C (Client to Client) solutions connecting our buyers to sellers, our agents to our clients, and our clients to loan officers, home appraisal and inspection specialists and services. We fully automate the process of selling or buying a home and pass significant savings on to our clients. For additional savings and service to our clients, we offer our new C2C program for buyers and sellers wanting to save more on commission by managing their own negotiation and real estate transactions online. Our online state-of-the-art real estate virtual broker is non-biased and designed to guide both buyers and sellers from the start of the real estate transaction to closing. For protection of both buyers and sellers, all online C2C activities are supervised and reviewed by a licensed real estate broker.

For Prospective Institutional Investors:

Our future company will be incorporated as a California corporation (C2796871) with authorized 50,000,000 common shares. We have reserved 10% of the common stock for our employees/agents stock option when we go public or IPO in three years. We have completed all legal and tax registration and filing requirements satisfying both federal and state as well as EDD. We are currently developing a business plan for our online and full service real estate business. We will complete our business plan by December 30, 2006. We will submit our business plan to prospective venture capital funding firms in January 2007. Thereafter, we will review any offers and interview potential investor(s), angel(s), and/or venture capital firm(s) and invite them to become our partner(s) in the new online real estate business. If you are interested in investing in our business venture, please contact the following principals and officers:

Officer Title Phone Email
"Nancy" Duyen Duong, MBA President, Broker/Officer (916) 670-8926