Marketing with websites also known as,,, and are Trademarks of Our business is being marketed by our direct eMarketing service of and This service is setup for promotion, publication, and distribution of our agency real estate service to millions of Internet email users in the United States.

EmailAdService.Com has a database of email recipients. Email were obtained through purchase, however, has been reprocessed and validated by our company. All email addresses are sorted by city and state. Our email recipients include clients from all professions, backgrounds, and origin. We send email using our own secure email servers. Occassionally, our employees help send out email from their home ISPs to help promote our business and their services. We also provide a delisting page for recipients who do not want to receive further email from our company.

Promoting and Recruiting Our Real Estate Agents and Services advertises and recruits new real estate agents for It also helps our real estate agents to advertise their professional service; and help them to generate new leads in their local real estate markets. We also promote our real estate services and listing inventory.

Beating the Trend:
Our management and investors believe the future of real estate competition is online. This is why we are building a state-of-the-art online portal to meet the challenge and provide all real estate transactions online. However, our portal will not be increasingly successful unless potential buyers and sellers know about our real estate service online. But marketing and advertising on major portals like Google and Yahoo will be very expensive, if not increasing our costs, and hinder our ability to pass significant savings to our real estate customers. With savings for our clients being our first and number one goal, we launched so we can nullify this cost, be self-sufficient in marketing, promote our own portal, and pass the big savings into the pockets of our real estate consumers.

Selling our Email Service:

EmailAdService.Com is a proprietary and exclusive email service with objective to service and support our agency, agents, business, and partners. We do not sell nor lease our email database. However, we do offer limited email service and support to our clients whereas we help our clients send unsolicited email within their business operating region. The email products and services we offer to our clients are listed in our online eStore shopping cart.

Political Email Service:

We support and promote online political campaigning and direct email service. For more information, please contact Nancy at (916) 670-8926 or visit or