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Excellence Service Guarantee

As your real estate home buying or selling agent, Preferealty.com (Preferealty) guarantees that we will meet your service expectations. If, upon closing with us, you do not feel that we have met your service expectations, tell us about it in writing and we will give you $200.

To receive the guarantee please write us a detailed letter explaining your home buying or selling experience or complete the Guarantee Claim Form.

Please include:

• How you first heard about Preferealty
• Why you felt that we did not meet your expectations
• Your current mailing address
• Your daytime telephone number

Please send your letter to:
Attn: Excellence Service Guarantee
Preferealty.com Corporation
8516 Hermitage Way
Sacramento, CA 95823

Rate your PreferAgent

Because Preferealty.com is committed to your total satisfaction, after your transaction closes we invite you to help determine your PreferAgent's client satisfaction bonus. Your satisfaction with your PreferAgent's service will determine his or her compensation. Please note, Preferealty's bonus plan does not have a financial impact on you.

To learn more, please contact us at team@Preferealty.com

We reserve the right to request follow-up information to complete the processing of your claim. All co-buyers and co-sellers agree that this guarantee is limited to one $200.00 satisfaction guarantee payment per property transaction. This guarantee is only available to home buyers or sellers who close escrow with Preferealty as their sole and exclusive agent. Guarantee claims must be received by Preferealty within 10 business days of the close of escrow. Terms and conditions of this guarantee are subject to change and/or discontinuation without notice.